45 Latest Modification Trends for the Honda Jazz

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

45 Latest Modification Trends for the Honda Jazz – According to the Indianautosblog, the 2020 jazz will come with a design that doesn’t change much from the current model. This means that the model that will be revealed is not the next generation Jazz that will be launched in Japan in 2019 That no.

From the black lathe with chrome accents to some new touches on the front and rear bumper models. 

45 Latest Modification Trends for the Honda Jazz

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

LED bulbs range from headlights, fog lights to tail lights with a new pattern. The most obvious change abroad is presence

Honda Jazz Tuning Contest Kembali Digeber, Ada Kategori Baru

Regarding the size of the cabin, it is said that there is no change in the layout. It’s just that new functions are still being implemented, one of which is how

The most important change is the condition of the engine. To meet BS6 emission standards, Honda is powered by a 1.2 L NA i-VTEC engine with 90 tk and 110 Nm of torque.

The engine will have two transmission options, a CVT system and a 5-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, the diesel engine itself is no longer manufactured due to lack of interest.

Currently, the order faucet is also open, for those who are interested, users can order it from the nearest distributor or online.

Rekomendasi Velg Keren Untuk Honda Jazz Kaum Milenial

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[POPULER JABODETABEK] When witnesses shouted at the fire but no one believed | The tragic attack on PP KAMMI’s steering wheel by TNIHonda Jazz in Thailand took the idea of ​​redesigning the race car with a rim mounted on the cover and a negative lean angle. This arrangement makes it look very aggressive. (Source: Instagram / @tfc_edogawa)

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

The yellow color with a little blue trim on the windshield gives a strong Spoon home mod feel that usually runs on Honda racing cars. The combination of yellow and black with a carbon engine hood makes it look like a street race car. (Source: Instagram / @ jazzfitmalaysia)

Cek Harga Honda Jazz Bekas, Mulai Rp 100 Jutaan

Playing with color is a part that can make any part of a car more elegant. The choice of light blue along with white wheels makes it look quite simple, small but still attractive. (Source: Instagram / @annkamsam)

Want to look like a race car? Just give it a race car style decoration and match it with the right foot. In addition to the body, the use of race car-like wheels and tires is a feature that reinforces the modification concept of this car. (Source: Instagram / @bryanclementtang)

The white-on-white setting is in line with the performance spirit of the Honda Type R. The white color and edges make it look nice and simple, but still very racing. (Source: Instagram / @tfc_edogawa)

Black jazz is no exception to the rule. This mysterious black color is also suitable for modifying the racing look. The use of black carbon fiber edges gives it a very sporty look. (Source: Instagram/@jazz.fitmalaysia)

Aura Racing Masih Jadi Tren Modifikasi Mobil Di Tengah Covid 19

The use of various accessories from the Japanese Honda Fit market can also make the Jazz look unique on the road. The car above is a used Fit. The lights and bumpers seem to be different from the local version. (Source: Instagram/@ik.garage)

This Honda Jazz uses a dimmer version of the front bumper and headlights before the lift. It still looks decent and connected despite the different years of production. Carbon tires and trim add to the appeal of this car. (Source: Instagram / @boscarbon)

The silver body color combined with the silver earrings make it look elegant yet sporty due to the Flat and tong kong feet. (Source: Instagram/@sittttt.luna)

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

By simply changing the edges and lowering the suspension a bit, you can make the Honda Jazz more sporty with the idea of ​​a racing look. (Source: Instagram/@gk.usaum)

Modifikasi Honda Jazz Rs Tampil Lebih Keren Pake Velg Hsr Whell Ring 17

Wuling Binguo EV is now officially launched in Indonesia. It doesn’t have 40% TKDN, but it’s still the best seller of the highest category.

Honda CR-V Club Indonesia (CCI) successfully celebrated the 2023 National Party with the election of a new President. Come check it out!

Virtualization is now a powerful way to realize the imagination in your head. However, this creator makes the car look completely absurd.

In general, each car has its own usage limits as well as its storage capacity. However, some car owners are determined to abuse their vehicles.

Honda Jazz 2005 (gd3), Pengecatan Total

Modifying this car will definitely make you shake your head. Innovative ideas to be different with a little weird execution. Come check it out!

13 photos of strange cars, trucks that are hard to wait for, some of them carrying cows and sand!

The owners of these cars came up with the idea of ​​picking up strange objects using passenger cars. Someone brought a cow! JAKARTA: The 2020 Honda Jazz was first revealed in October last year, coinciding with the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The model, known as the Fit in its home country, has been on sale there since early 2020.

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

In terms of looks, despite being criticized a lot, the latest jazz has also received some judgment. That is more beautiful than the previous model. Moreover, the most modern and sophisticated make this five-door car more attractive, especially for young people.

Modifikasi Honda Jazz, Ternyata Tak Sulit Membuatnya Jadi Keren

In the Land of Rebellion, the 2020 Honda Jazz is on sale starting at 2,186,800 yen, or about 271 million IDR.

To increase driving comfort, Honda has changed the latest car seats. It now comes with a new design that mimics the body shape. Therefore, it is comfortable for passengers and drivers when they sit in the car for a long time. In addition, it does not tire the body and allows passengers to enjoy the journey.

The latest Jazz rear seats are equipped with independently adjustable seat position. The rear seats are thicker and larger, providing more comfort even for adult passengers.

As well as a large cabin space, the latest Jazz has plenty of storage space. This way, passengers don’t have to worry about luggage, especially small items in the cabin.

Honda Jazz Terbaru Hadir Dengan Atap Sunroof

Honda pays great attention to storage space. Because they want to ensure the comfort of all passengers during daily driving or long distances.

The 2020 Honda Jazz has a front pillar with a different cross-section structure from the previous generation. The front pillars have been redesigned to give a wider view of the driver or front sight.

In addition, the instrument panel has a flat and straight design, and the glass wipers are located almost invisible from inside the cabin. This can improve the driver’s visual comfort while driving.

45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

In response to today’s needs, the latest Jazz is equipped with an advanced safety feature, the Honda Sensing. This function works with the help of a wide-angle camera and sensors installed on the front and rear of the car. This function can reduce the risk of accidents.

Beli Mobil 2017 Honda Jazz Rs 1.5 Bekas

The Jazz petrol version has a capacity of 1.3 liters with a maximum power of 96 PS and a maximum torque of 118 Nm. Meanwhile, in the hybrid version, the 1.5-litre petrol engine is combined with a battery and electric motors.

Jazz is a universal Honda product. In addition to its home country, jazz is also sold in Indonesia. PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), the brand maintenance agent (APM) for Honda in Indonesia, started its latest Jazz in 2017.

The latest version of Jazz has started on the market in Japan. However, HPM has not yet decided whether it will sell locally.

Yusak Billy, director of innovation and sales and marketing at PT HPM, previously revealed that the latest jazz is set for the Japanese domestic market. Meanwhile, for the Indonesian market itself, the company is still looking for suitable versions to offer to local consumers.

Eksis 17 Tahun Lebih, Yuk Kenalan Dengan 3 Generasi Honda Jazz!

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45 Tren Modifikasi Terkini Untuk Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz RS modification using BREYTON JD106 HSR 17X75 rims [/caption] Jazz RS features with HSR rims:

Kecelakaan Beruntun 5 Mobil Di Ringroad, Pajero Sport Nangkring Di Atas Honda Jazz

In fact, when choosing your edge and deciding to replace your regular edge, it’s very simple. The most important thing is understanding or understanding how to read tire specifications. The hardest part is finding alloy wheels at reasonable prices but still of good quality.

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So it is always acceptable to users. As Honda will do in the near future, the Japanese manufacturer plans to release the latest generation of Jazz cars with hybrid technology.

Jazz 2005, Pembuatan Bodykit Custom

Honda announced the plan right at the same time as the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show at Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The latest Honda Jazz will be offered exclusively with a choice of Hybrid engines. First, the latest Honda Jazz will go on sale in Europe. The arrival of the Honda Jazz with Hybrid technology is part of the company’s electric strategy.

“In 2020, Honda will launch the latest generation Jazz. We have received confirmation that this model will be introduced in Europe.