What Is Individual Travel Insurance Policy Coverage ?

 Any misfortune, such as the loss of luggage or a passport, an accident, or a medical emergency, can ruin your overseas vacation. It’s even more difficult when you’re alone. To alleviate all of your travel anxieties, you must purchase individual travel insurance.

Individual travel insurance is a plan that is made for a single person and covers travel related emergencies. Individual travel insurance policy can be chosen based on the frequency of your travels: single trip travel insurance or multi-trip travel insurance. The individual travel insurance provides the following coverages:

  • Trip cancellation coverage: Reimbursement for a non refundable journey in case of any emergency that lead to cancellation of the trip.
  • Emergency medical and transportation coverage: This includes the coverage to the policy holder if he/she gets ill or injured during the trip and provides transportation facility to the near by hospital.
  • Baggage and personal items coverage: In case your baggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged you will be provided with a reimbursement.
  • 24/7 Assistance Coverage: The policy holder get access to a 24/7 hotline number which they can contact in case of any travel related problems.

What’s So Special About Individual Travel Insurance?

The following are the things that make individual travel insurance policy a special choice:

What Is Individual Travel Insurance Policy? Coverage | Plans
  • It Covers Medical Expenses

One of the primary reasons for purchasing individual travel insurance is to cover the costs of any accidents or medical treatment that may occur while traveling. The insurance company reimburses expenses up to the limit stipulated in the insurance policy in the event of an accident or medical treatment.

  • Losses During Travel? – Cover Them Too!

Individual travel insurance covers a variety of losses, including lost baggage, passport loss, and so on. It pays the traveler for additional expenses that may arise as a result of these losses by providing coverage against these losses.

What Is Individual Travel Insurance Policy? Coverage | Plans
  • Provides Coverage To Personal Liability

Individual travel insurance provides personal liability coverage that protects the insured against damage to a third party caused by the insured. If you cause any damage to a third party when traveling, your travel insurance will compensate you.

  • Covers Trip Cancellation or Curtailment

Suppose there is a trip planned and you have to travel with your family but unfortunately, one of your family members becomes ill suddenly. You cannot travel until your travel plans are finalized. Many individual travel insurance policies cover last-minute trip cancellations or curtailments.

Individual Travel Insurance Plans 2024

Below is the list of the top 3 individual travel insurance plans that you should consider buying in 2024:

Name of the PlanSum InsuredCoverage
Bajaj Allianz Individual Travel InsuranceUp To USD 50,000 To 10 LakhMedical cover repatriation of remainsDental treatmentPersonal accidentAccidental death, Delay in check-in baggage, Political risk & catastrophe evacuation, Compassionate visit, Loss of passport, Personal liability, Trip cancellation & interruption, Trip delay, Bounced booking, Emergency cash advance, Loss of baggage & personal effects, Missed flight connections, Hijack distress allowance, Return of minor child, Home insurance, Value-added services
ICICI Student Travel Insurance$50,000, $100,000, $250,000 $500,000Emergency Medical Expenses, Accidental Death, Loss of baggage and personal documents, Financial Emergency Assistance
HDFC Ergo Individual Travel Insurance$500,000Emergency Medical Expenses, Accidental Death, Loss of baggage and personal documents, Financial Emergency Assistance

What’s Not Covered Under an Individual Travel Insurance Policy?

The following things are not covered under an individual travel insurance policy plan:

  • Pre-existing diseases are usually not covered in full or in part.
  • Baggage delay that lasts less than 24 hours
  • Losses sustained as a result of local/civil unrest
  • Flights were canceled owing to riots, strikes, and civil wars.
  • If you are a sports fan, you may be injured as a result of adventure sports.

How To Purchase an Individual Travel Insurance?

You can buy an individual travel insurance plan either through an online or offline method. Let’s have a look at both of them, in this blog we are taking an example of how the process of individual travel-insurance booking is done in Probus Insurance:


  1. Visit the official website of Probus Insurance.
  2. Click on “Products” and select “Individual Travel Insurance” under “Travel Insurance”
  3. Enter all the details under the “Get Plan” tab, such as country name, age, etc.
  4. Click on “Get Plan” and all the individual travel plans will be displayed on the screen along with the insurer name, sum assured, and various other details.
  5. Compare and then select your plan as per your needs.
  6. Now the payment part, you can make the payment in any of the online methods
  7. After the payment has been done, you will receive your Individual Travel-Insurance policy details on your registered email ID.

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If you want to buy your Individual Travel-Insurance policy offline you do so by either contacting the insurance company or by visiting the insurance company’s near by branch.

In case you are not satisfied with the services or policies offered by the insurance provider company, you can reach out to the Insurance company.

Claim Process of Individual Travel Insurance

If you are looking for an individual travel-insurance policy claim then follow the following steps one by one:

  1. Intimate the insurance company by calling or mailing them. You can use the insurance company’s contact information, such as a toll-free number or the email address listed on the policy document.
  2. The insurance provider’s Claims Service Representative will assist you with registering the claim, understanding the claim filing process, and the supporting documents required for that specific policy.
  3. Download the claim form from the respective company’s website.
  4. Submit the completed claim form together with the supporting documents.
  5. The Insurance company document checkers will examine the documentation.
  6. The company will then determine whether to accept or reject the policy after an assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Individual Travel-Insurance are discussed below:

  1. Is Covid covered by personal travel insurance?
    COVID-19 is currently covered by a limited number of travel insurers.
  2. Is individual travel-insurance applicable right away?
    You can choose whether your travel-insurance will begin immediately or at a later date when you purchase it.
  3. What if you have two separate individual travel-insurance policies?
    Each insurer will only pay their portion of the claim if you have two individual travel-insurance policies.
  4. When does individual travel-insurance become prohibitively expensive?
    At the ages of 71, 76, 81, and 86, the most dramatic price rises frequently occur.