Fx Investment Logo: Branding In The World Of Forex


Fx Investment Logo: Branding In The World Of Forex

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The company uses the Libertech web and mobile trading platform as well as MT4 and is structured around financial and educational companies. 

Fx Investment Logo: Branding In The World Of Forex

Fx Investment Logo: Branding In The World Of Forex

In 2010, he acquired 100% shares of Russian forex broker AKmos Trade. The brand remains and is included in the Forex Club group of companies.

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In 2012, Quadro Capital Partners acquired a minority stake in Forex Club Group of Companies, for an undisclosed transaction amount.

In December 2013, Forex Club and Quadro Capital Partners established the Vture FXC-QCP VC Capital Fund, worth up to $200 million.

According to the data of agcy finmarket, in 2014 Forex Club was ranked among the three Russian Forex brokers in terms of transactions and monthly transaction volume. At that time, the company had 71,830 active customers, representing 16.97% of the market (Alpari above). (120,000 people, and 28.35% of the market). The company’s average monthly turnover was $63.32 million, representing 18.09% of the market (above Alpari ($107 million and 30.56% of the market).

In January 2015, Forex Club hosted a private investment live event at its customer service office,

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Forex Club submits an application to Ctral Bank for a Russian Forex Broker License; In June 2016, the Bank of Russia rejected the company’s request. According to the representative of the company, a new application has been submitted to Ctral Bank after some official statements.

According to the National Foreign Stock Exchange of Belarus, the company is in first place “in terms of the number of customer transactions in non-transferable instruments that are included in all the underlying assets of foreign exchange companies. National Registry of Belarus Bank”.

On November 25, 2022, the co-founder and controller of retail FX and CFDs brokerage brands Libertex and Forex Club died in a helicopter crash in Monaco.

Fx Investment Logo: Branding In The World Of Forex

In July 2015, former executive vice president and chief financial officer Michael Geiger filled the position of CEO.

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Forex Club (Libertex) has a history of compliance issues that have forced the company to close retail operations in the United States. In 2010, Forex Club Finance Inc. whose capital does not match the conditions of the license. The company’s management said that the license capital has been frozen and the company wants to maintain the minimum acceptable level. According to the vice-president of the Forex Club Fі Pyotr Tatarnikov, the main reason for the decrease in capital was the increase in key positions. In the end, it was raised by 1.5 million dollars.

In 2012, the National Futures Association (NFA) accused the company of various violations, such as failure to maintain internal controls, maintain financial records, operate an adequate anti-money laundering program (in the area of ​​Financial FinC and OFAC), and CEO Peter. Tatarnikov was accused of carefully monitoring the company’s operations and employees. Among other sanctions, the NFA fined the company $300,000.

According to Reuters and FinanceMagnates.com, due to regulatory tightening in the United States in November 2012, the company decided to voluntarily withdraw from the US market and sell its operations and portfolio to FXCM, which developed over the past few months.