Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You


Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

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This list of auto insurance companies includes the top 25 providers by size and average annual cost, as well as a detailed analysis of the top 10 insurance companies. 

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

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There are hundreds of car insurance companies in the country. To choose one, you can go down the list of companies and see what types of coverage and discounts you want. We at the Guides team have studied the car insurance companies and compare the top 10 providers in detail.

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The Guide Group is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best decision about your car insurance. Since customers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we have developed an extensive ranking system to compile our ranking of car insurance companies. The data was collected from several car insurance providers to rank the companies on a wide range of factors in the list. After 800 hours of research, the final result was the overall score for each provider, with the insurers that scored highest on the list.

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The table below shows a list of the largest car insurance companies in the country. The size of each provider is based on their registered premiums in 2022 according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The dollar amount of the first drafts are shown in thousands.

The table also includes average annual costs for most of these providers. These rates apply to drivers over 35 and women with a good driving record.

The average is for comprehensive auto insurance with 50/100/50 liability limits and a $500 deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage. By comparison, the average cost of comprehensive insurance is $2,008 per year, according to our cost data.

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

The list of car insurance companies above does not include agencies. Insurance companies are entities that provide insurance and insured policies, while agents sell policies to insurance companies. It is easy to get confused between the two because they both provide insurance to consumers.

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You may be familiar with popular agencies in your area that are not represented above. Independent agencies can be useful to work with because they make apple-to-apple comparisons between different companies for you.

Our team reviewed a variety of local auto insurance companies. Below is a list of car insurance companies that we have analyzed based on cost, coverage, availability, reputation and customer experience.

These 10 companies accounted for more than 77% of all auto insurance premiums written in the country by 2022. We’ve reviewed and ranked all of these top insurance providers, and now we’re going to take a closer look at each of them size order.

Headquarters: Bloomington, Ill. Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​Rating: A- AM Best Financial Strength Rating: A++ Average Annual Cost: $1,657

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State Farm tops the list of auto insurance companies as the nation’s largest provider. Combine a good reputation with excellent customer service and reasonable car insurance rates. Our estimates show that State Farm’s average rates for full coverage are 19% cheaper than the national average.

State Farm received a customer satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in our insurance survey. Our survey polled nearly 7,000 people about their experiences with auto insurance companies, and about 19% of participants had State Farm.

However, the company is not known for great customer service, as reflected in its poor BBB rating. Our review team reached out to Progressive for comment on its articles, but did not receive a response.

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

Driving is the second largest provider in our list of car insurance companies. It offers a wide range of insurance options and Snapshot®, a usage-based program that offers discounts to policyholders with safe driving habits.

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Advance is the best choice for tech-savvy shoppers because of special features like the online money-saving Create Your Own Price Tool®. The company also offers discounts for going cardless, registering online or setting up automatic payments.

Geico started by selling insurance to government employees, but today it offers coverage to everyone. You can get all the usual coverage options from Geico, as well as a long list of special add-ons like mechanical breakdown insurance, which works similar to an extended car warranty.

Our cost data shows that Geico’s average comprehensive coverage insurance rates are about 23% lower than the industry average. The company also received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 in our survey.

Since its founding in 1931, Allstate has grown to become the fourth largest auto insurance company in the country. The provider is known for its service through local agents. Our average rates show that some companies are cheaper on average, but as individual rates vary, it’s best to compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies. Allstate offers consumer insurance and pay-per-mile programs that can help drivers save money.

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USAA has a good history of customer service and offers low-cost car insurance to qualified drivers.

USAA offers low fares and great customer service, but it’s only available to military members, veterans, and children of military members or veterans. We recommend getting a quote from USAA if you qualify.

The company received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 in our customer survey. According to our score, comprehensive auto insurance policies from USAA generally cost about 28% less than the national average.

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

Liberty Mutual stands out from its competitors for a few reasons. The company offers young drivers several ways to save money, including great student and long-distance discounts, and a RightTrack® app-based program. RightTrack can award up to 30% discounts to people who practice safe driving habits.

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Farmers is next on our list of car insurance companies. The provider has been in business since 1928 and offers a wide selection of auto insurance products today. Some coverage options like the ones below are very useful for classic car owners:

Spare parts can replace up to $750 worth of spare parts for the car you have in your garage. Farmers also offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) insurance, which covers original factory parts for repairs. In our customer survey, Farmers received a customer satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

Passengers rate highly for their choice of coverage – drivers can choose from 13 options and benefit from various discounts.

Travelers completes our list of auto insurance companies as the 8th largest provider. In our customer survey, travelers scored 4.2 out of 5.0 in customer satisfaction. In addition, its total average coverage is about 23% lower than the national average, according to our ranking data.

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Travelers also offers non-owned car insurance. This will protect you if you don’t own a car, but regularly drive other people’s cars.

American Family Insurance offers an affordable cost and a variety of discounts, but it has low consumer ratings.

American Family Insurance is another affordable option for auto insurance, but it works for less than half of the United States. In our customer survey, American Family received a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 for customer experience, the highest score of any company.

Finding The Right Car Insurance Agency Near You

According to our score, comprehensive coverage from American Family tends to be about 8% cheaper than the national average.

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Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio BBB rating: A+ with AM accreditation Best financial strength rating: A+ Average annual cost: $1,433

Nationwide is one of the most popular auto insurance companies in the United States, and the company offers all standard and additional coverage options. Our team found Nationwide to be an affordable provider that offers solid usage-based insurance programs.

According to our estimates, their total average coverage for good drivers is 33% cheaper than the market average. Nationwide it’s also one of the most affordable companies for drivers with speeding tickets or stop signs on their records.

To choose the right car insurance company, consider your car, your preferences and your budget in your search. Is it more important to you to find a supplier with good customer service or low prices? Or are you looking for a small supplier with local agents? Consider the following:

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