What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer Do


What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer Do

What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer Do – At MKP Law Group, LLP, our attorneys only represent personal injury victims. For many years, we have been fighting for clients injured in truck accidents caused by the negligence of others. We understand that it can be difficult to hire a quality truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles. That’s why we always address a fee known as success fee. This means that if you win your case, there will be no payout.

Our customers do not have to pay any upfront costs. Our experienced truck accident attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We will fight tooth and nail to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys work with a team of medical experts in the Los Angeles area and throughout California to negotiate with insurance companies while ensuring that you or your loved one receive first-class treatment for a speedy and healthy recovery. We will strive to ensure that you receive medical care. 

What Does A Truck Accident Lawyer Do

We represent truck accident victims throughout California. The team of personal injury attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLP strives to make the process as simple and quick as possible. The team at MKP Law Group, LLP has the experience and dedication to give your case the attention it deserves. Call us today at 310-285-5353 to schedule your completely free consultation.

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All of our litigation is contingency fee based. This means that even if we don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything.

Being involved in an accident with a large truck such as an 18-wheeler or large truck can be very scary. Shipwrecks often result in serious injuries and even death.

Accidents are already scary experiences. The impact of a traffic accident is even greater when a truck is involved. These huge, heavy commercial vehicles can have devastating effects. Due to the large size and weight of large trucks, driving these vehicles is very dangerous and increases the chance of accidents.

Collisions involving big rigs often result in serious injuries and wrongful death. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in this type of accident, you should contact a car accident attorney to help you recover liability.

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MKP Law Group, LLP is here to assist you through every step of the legal process. Our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers have the experience, resources, and dedication you deserve. Read below to find out more about how we can help.

A large truck, also known as a “big rig,” is a truck with an attached trailer that is typically used to transport goods. These trucks are common in California as they are used to transport goods and materials for commercial businesses and include the following types of vehicles:

Commercial cargo trucks and trailers are thousands of pounds heavier than private cars. Trucks come in many different types and classifications, but they are generally categorized by gross vehicle weight (GVWR). The higher this rating, the more dangerous the situation can be for the average driver.

Due to the large size and weight of large trucks, car accidents involving trucks are generally much more dangerous and cause more fatalities than regular car accidents. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims do not survive.

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Truck drivers’ schedules typically require them to drive for long periods of time at odd times, such as at night or early in the morning. Despite federal truck traffic regulations aimed at preventing drivers from overdriving, truck accidents still occur. There are many factors that can lead to an accident, including but not limited to:

Although truck driver negligence is the primary cause of many truck accidents, the truck itself can pose a danger to other drivers. For example, a car accident may occur due to a situation where the load is not properly secured to the tractor’s trailer.

Truck accidents involving trucks and other large commercial vehicles can lead to serious accidents such as car crashes and rollovers.

With more products on the highways, the frequency of such accidents will only increase over time. Sure we have the benefit of online marketplaces and fast deliveries, but the reality is that this additional road traffic can cause serious physical and material harm to innocent victims. There is a gender.

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The team at MKP Law Group, LLP strives to make the process as simple and quick as possible. Our team is experienced, attentive, reliable, and tenacious, so call us today to schedule a 100% consultation.

People involved in collisions with trucks can suffer fatal injuries. These huge trucks weigh many tons, so the impact is often devastating.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, always seek medical attention after an accident. Even if there are no signs of physical damage, deeper damage may become apparent over time, so treatment should be taken as soon as possible. Traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries are common and can often be the result of truck accidents.

The amount of damages that can be recovered in a semi-truck personal injury claim is essentially the same as the amount that can be recovered in a regular passenger car accident. This damage includes:

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In rare cases, special damages called “punitive damages” may be awarded. The function of punitive damages is to set an example and punish the perpetrator in hopes of deterring future crimes.

Semi-cam accidents always require a thorough investigation. In order to recover the maximum amount of compensation in a personal injury case, it is essential to know all the facts surrounding the accident. Hiring an expert to conduct a fact-finding often allows the legal team to fully understand the circumstances of the accident and who is at fault. Our semi-truck accident attorneys have the experience and resources to conduct a thorough investigation, including:

Semi-truck accidents often involve multiple parties, making matters more complex. Typically, the tractor or truck is owned by one business entity, and the trailer is owned by another business entity.

Therefore, a semi-truck accident involves the truck driver, multiple trucking companies, and their insurance companies. This means multiple parties may be responsible for your injuries and multiple attorneys may defend your claim.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (or “FMCSA”) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation that regulates the U.S. trucking industry.

To combat driver fatigue and promote safety, the trucking industry follows federal laws, safety regulations that limit the continuous amount of time truck drivers can drive, mandates rest periods, and records truck drivers’ work hours. It is strictly regulated by rules such as mandatory diaries.

Unfortunately, these logs are often falsified or altered by truck drivers and trucking companies to circumvent federal laws and safety regulations. The trucking accident attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLP know how to analyze these records to determine if they are fraudulent, and if so, how to hold the trucking company fully accountable.

A male lawyer or counselor works in a courtroom, meets with clients, and consults them about real estate contract documents, legal concepts, and legal services.

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After a truck or semi-truck accident, it is essential to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to get your case handled as quickly as possible. Our experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys provide comprehensive, professional legal representation and work with insurance companies to allow our clients to focus on treatment and recovery.

Almost all truck accidents result in an investigation and a police report because of the high potential for property damage and fatal injuries. Our law firm staff obtains and reviews police reports and engages accident reconstruction experts to examine the accident scene, truck logs, and truck records/data. We also plan to contact witnesses to obtain testimony. Our attorneys may need to send a fraudulent letter to the carrier and request that the carrier preserve all relevant data, footage, and/or reports.

Once the investigation is complete, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will file a claim with an insurance company that can provide compensation for your incident. Each claim submitted to an insurance company will include a detailed claim for damages and a detailed summary of why the trucking company/truck driver was at fault and liable for the damages.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate to maximize the value of your case. Before entering into negotiations, we sit down with our clients to understand the end goal of their personal injury claim and make sure everyone is on the same page.

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If the case cannot be resolved through settlement negotiations with the insurance company, the next step is to file a lawsuit against all potentially at-fault parties. During litigation, there is still the option to resolve the case out of court, but if the parties are unable to do so, a trial begins where evidence is presented and a jury renders a verdict. The jury will decide who is responsible for the accident and how much compensation should be paid to the victims.

It is important to remember that truck accident victims can file a personal injury claim even if they were partially at fault.